Why do some villagers stay in their houses after extended hours trading?

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Posted October 10, 2018 15:16:54 After extended hours trade, people in the Sierra Trading Post have been moving out of their houses.

The trading post has had to close for repairs, which means many of its members have been forced to relocate.

Many of the villagers have had to move to other areas, but there are still people who want to stay in the trading post.

One person told News24: I came here because I had a small amount of money and I wanted to trade.

But after two weeks of the trading, I realised that I don’t have any money left, so I have to sell my house.

A lot of people are moving out.

It is hard to feed your family in a rural area, and the trade has become more dangerous.

People who stay in settlements have also been forced into other work.

For example, there are people who sell vegetables and other products for a living.

A man named Jazzy said: The situation is difficult.

I had to sell all of my vegetables and then sell them on the market.

This means that I had only half a day to sell them, which is a very hard time to survive.

We are in need of more work.

It was only the second day that I sold all of the vegetables that I needed to survive, and it was a very stressful day.

The Sierra Trading post was one of the last settlements to reopen for trade, as it was closed for repairs last year.

The Trading Post is a big market for traders and has been selling food and drinks since it opened.

The people who live in the settlement have had a hard time finding work, as the Trading Post closed for repair, which meant they were forced to move.

Jazxy said: I had been working here for seven months, and now I am forced to sell everything.

It has been very difficult for us.

Another person, named Pascual, said: We were forced into selling all of our vegetables, which was really hard.

I am not sure if I will be able to continue working here.

Jamiya, who works as a housekeeper, told News18: We had to work for the last two months and then we got a job and we could eat at home.

But now I have no job and my husband has to look after the children.

A villager who worked in the Trading post said: After the trade, I got two years’ unemployment and have been working for the past two years, and I am in the process of selling everything.

I cannot afford to live in my house anymore.

People in the Settlement have also complained about the lack of sanitation and cleanliness.

They say that there is no toilet in the place, and there are no running water in the settlements.

People say that the work conditions in the area are not good, as they cannot afford a house.

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