NFL’s NFL trade deadline ‘will happen’

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NFL trades will happen during the NFL’s trade deadline on Thursday, according to multiple sources, including one team that is reportedly ready to make a blockbuster trade.NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport first reported the move on Twitter, saying teams are “close to” making a deal that will send their franchise quarterbacks to the Browns.

The source then tweeted that “two teams are ready to deal and the other one is not.”NFL insider Joe Schad, a former assistant GM and general manager for the Philadelphia Eagles, also tweeted about the situation, saying the teams that are making the deal “are the same teams that made the move to the Jets and are not willing to part with their QBs.”

The trade deadline will be on March 2.

Here are all the trades that are likely to happen during this weekend’s trade period:The Jets are reportedly looking for a franchise quarterback in this week’s trade, and are looking to get something in return for their franchise QB.

They have a number of QBs who would make sense for this trade, including former first-round pick Geno Smith, who is coming off of back surgery and is likely to miss the entire season.

The Jets also have DeShone Kizer and a fifth-round draft pick in return.

The Browns are also in the market for a quarterback, but have to wait until after the March 2 trade deadline for any deals to happen.

The Eagles, who are currently 11-2, have already started to see a shift in their roster with quarterback Carson Wentz getting a chance to prove he can be a starter after sitting out most of the preseason.

The Eagles are looking for an upgrade at the position, and have a history of acquiring a franchise QB from the Jets in the past.

The Steelers have been on the clock for a QB for months, but were unable to make any trade this year because they have to be on the roster for the playoffs.

However, they are reportedly ready for a move, and they could be looking to acquire a franchise passer.

The Bears are looking at trading for a starting QB in this trade period.

They could also be looking for help for a veteran backup.

The Colts and Rams are both in need of help for their QB positions, and could look to get help for another quarterback in the trade.

The Bears could also potentially make a move in this area, if they were able to get a QB.

The Chargers are also looking for QB help in this deal.

They are reportedly interested in acquiring another QB in the deal.

The Falcons have a great opportunity to move up from the No. 10 spot in the NFC West, as they are already getting help at QB with Matt Ryan and Matt Schaub.

The Saints are looking in this spot as well, and the team could look at getting a QB if they get help.

The Saints also could be in a position to move forward with a trade if they can make another QB move.

The Falcons could also look to add help for the quarterback, and move up to No. 9 if they are able to acquire another quarterback.

The Ravens are looking out for a young QB in their situation, and may be looking at moving up in this trading period.

The team could also add help at quarterback in a trade.

The Vikings could also make a trade this week, but it will be a difficult one for them to do because they are on the cusp of the playoffs at this point.

They may also look at moving down if they make a big move.

The Rams could also move forward if they need help for an experienced backup, as Sam Bradford could be moving on from his contract and is set to become a free agent.

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