How to make a ‘cursed’ Hudson River trading post


Hudson River traders are now looking for a cursed “cursed” Hudson River trade post to use for trading purposes.

The new “curse” post, which will be constructed at the northern end of the Hudson River, is being eyed by the US Army Corps of Engineers as a temporary structure for the temporary construction of a port for the Hudson Valley’s maritime traffic.

The Port of St. Albans, which is under construction at St. Andrews, Scotland, is expected to be ready by 2019.

However, the Corps of Design Engineers is planning a long-term port for Hudson Valley shipping that will include the construction of berths for cargo ships, a marine terminal and other vessels.

The agency has said the temporary post will be used for shipping purposes only and is expected not to be a permanent structure.

According to a release from the Corps, the port will be “a major source of employment and income for local residents.”

“While the proposed site may seem like a temporary site, it will be located at a pivotal point in the Hudson’s waterways,” the agency said in the release.

“This location provides a natural anchor for shipping that has to be moved, and will provide a natural link to the Port of Savannah, Georgia, as well as to the shipping ports in the Gulf of Mexico.”

In a separate release, the US Navy said the new “Curse” site will provide temporary employment for people who will be working at the port, while “others who have not been directly involved with maritime transportation for a number of years will have a new and permanent opportunity to work at the Port.”

The port will also offer opportunities to train new employees to work on projects related to port security, security and environmental matters.

“The US Army said the “Cursed” site was expected to create over 6,000 jobs over the course of a year.

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