Which NRL team is the best in 2017?


The Cowboys are now four wins from their first premiership in 30 years.

They have won just once in nine matches since then, and it was a loss to South Sydney.

But the Warriors are back, and they have been superb in recent weeks.

The Warriors are the only team in the NRL to score more than 60 points this season.

The Cowboys, however, have a lower average score (49.6).

The Cowboys have averaged a whopping 20.2 points a game this season, which is good for fourth-highest in the competition.

They also rank fifth in the league in points per game.

If you add in the two teams who have scored at least 100 points, the Warriors have averaged 25.4.

They are the third-most prolific scoring team in football.

When you look at the top five, they are the three best teams in the game.

The Titans are fifth, and the Broncos are sixth.

Who is your pick for the best team in 2017: The Cowboys or the Warriors?

Source: News Corp Australia 1:43:33 The Cowboys have been outstanding this season with the best start to any season in the history of the competition and are in a strong position to claim the best win percentage (88.6 per cent) in the modern era.

The Cowboys are second in the AFL for points scored per game (44.3), second in goals scored per match (6.8), second for the lowest average margin (0.5) and first for the second-best run differential (minus-1.1).

The Cowboys also have the highest average winning percentage in the current era (90.5 per cent).

The Warriors, meanwhile, have been a big reason why they are in the top half of the AFL ladder.

They had the best opening five weeks of the modern game (10 wins, nine losses, three draws, two penalties) and they finished a respectable sixth in the standings (eight wins, six losses, one draw).

In the last nine games, the Cowboys have a combined record of 15-3.

The Warriors are 6-7, and are two games behind the Bulldogs for the last wild card spot in the finals.

The only team with a better record in the last 10 games is the Bulldogs, with a 15-6 record.

In fact, the Bulldogs are the two worst teams in history to start the season with a win, while the Cowboys are the best.

Why the Warriors should win the premiership?

In 2017, the season has been the biggest, and most exciting, of the NRL’s history.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride, but the Cowboys will take that to the next level in 2018.

They’ve played five tough games, but they have come out on top in all five of them.

They are now the best defence in the entire league, and have a winning record in every game.

The Warriors have the best record in terms of points per match at 45.7 per cent.

While the Cowboys, at 36.3 per cent, have the second best point-per-game record, the Titans are third at 36 per cent and the Tigers are fourth at 36 points per contest.

The Broncos have a very good defensive record, but have not played a game since December.

The Dragons have a good defensive line and will have the biggest impact on the Cowboys in 2018, but will they be able to make up for the Cowboys’ poor start?

The Broncos’ defence is an impressive one, but it’s not without its issues.

The NRL has been working hard to fix it, but this is a tough one.

In 2017 they conceded four or more goals in just three of their last eight games.

The first of those games was a tough win over the Warriors at Suncorp Stadium.

In the following four games, they have conceded two or fewer goals in all but one.

The biggest blow came in the opening game against the Raiders.

It’s the first time they’ve ever gone under in the same season.

In 2016, they managed just two losses, including the last two games.

In addition, the Broncos’ defensive record has been terrible for most of the year, but that has been due to the Titans’ struggles.

In 2017, they conceded 20 goals.

This season, they’ve conceded just two goals, but their opponents have managed to score 22.

After last year’s disastrous win against the Bulldogs and their disappointing loss to the Rabbitohs, the NRL needs to make a big change in the way they play.

This could be a big step in that direction.

The Giants are a great defensive team, but can they get the Cowboys to a winning position in the premiers?

It’s been an up and down season for the Giants.

In a tough start, they won three of four games.

Then the Dragons took a huge step forward and won their final two games of the season, before falling to the Bulldogs in the final. It was