Forex trading platform to remove ‘inappropriate’ currency trading platforms


Forex platform TradingPoint has been stripped of its trading platforms for violating trading rules, the company announced today.

The decision to remove TradingPoint from its platform comes amid a growing crackdown on financial services platforms that facilitate money laundering and other illegal activity.

The company said it is removing the platforms as a result of its investigation into the platform.

The move comes as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has also issued warnings to platform operators and regulatory regulators.

TradingPoint is the only platform offering the ability to buy and sell securities using foreign currencies.

The platform is available for iOS and Android, but its most popular platform is on Android and iOS.

“We are working with regulators and regulators to take steps to protect the safety and security of the platform,” the company said in a statement.

TradingPoints platform currently offers trading for a variety of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ether, ethereum, and Ripple.

The trading platform is currently being investigated by the SEC for possible violations of securities laws and regulatory guidelines, according to the company.

The SEC is notifying the public that TradingPoint will not be able to accept orders from users who are not US residents, as well as users who trade using their personal financial information.

It will also not be permitted to process transactions from accounts that are located outside of the US.

Tradingpoint has been a major player in the cryptocurrency space since 2014.

In April, the platform announced that it would begin charging fees for users who use the platform to trade cryptocurrencies.

In October, the SEC warned the company that the platform is violating its anti-money laundering and securities laws.

In March, the firm said that it was in the process of withdrawing from the platform and that it had received threats from US authorities.

The announcement by the company comes at a time when the US has seen a surge in cryptocurrency trading activity.

Last month, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York announced that cryptocurrency trading was expected to grow by $2 billion in 2017.

Last week, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) warned the regulator against using cryptocurrency platforms to fund illegal activities, citing the risk of money laundering, terrorism, and tax evasion.