‘Maniac’ Marvel Comics ‘The Avengers’ #1 hits shelves – Exclusive

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Exclusive: Marvel Comics’ The Avengers #1, which was released on July 29, has been named the bestselling comic book of the year by readers in the UK. 

The bestselling book in the year was Avengers #2, which had a bestselling week of May, while Iron Man 3 was number three. 

Marvel’s The Avengers was released in the US on June 20, and the UK on July 2. 

It has already sold more than 6 million copies in the last three months. 

UK readers also gave Marvel The Avengers a bestseller award. 

“It’s really exciting to have The Avengers number one on the UK bestseller list for the year, given how big the success has been in the United Kingdom,” said Marvel Comics managing director Simon Kinberg. 

Read more: “I think the US has been a really great market for Marvel over the last few years and it’s been really well-received by fans around the world, so it’s really great to see Marvel continuing to get it right.” 

Avengers #1 was originally scheduled to be released in December, but Marvel was forced to delay it, with sales starting on December 7. 

This has helped the Marvel Comics book to be number one in the first week of January, according to the Publishers Weekly list. 

Awards for the Marvel The Champions books are not revealed until the end of January. 

As well as being Marvel’s biggest title of the decade, The Avengers is also the best-selling Marvel series. 

Its first two issues have sold over 9.4 million copies, while Avengers #3 has sold over 10.7 million copies. 

In total, The Mighty Avengers have sold 1.75 billion copies, which is up from 1.47 billion in the same period last year. 

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