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It’s the new “robin hood,” and it’s the stockbroker’s dream: robin, a.k.a. robin (or robbin), a.d. 2020.

The robin Hood is an app that lets you buy and sell stock in an “online brokerage” using your mobile phone.

While it doesn’t offer any of the brokerage services you’d find in an actual brokerage account, it offers a number of different ways to get started.

The hood is designed to make it easy to trade stock.

Here’s how to get your first few orders.


Select “robbinhood.”

The app allows you to add robin’s address, then choose the options you want to trade.

It also offers a “robo-signing” option that allows you add robberhood to your order if you want it to verify your identity before signing it.

For now, you’ll have to sign your order manually with your phone, but you can also manually verify the order with your bank or credit card.

You can also choose the logo from the robbers homepage.

When you’re done, just tap the “save” button.

It’ll save your order and send it to robin for your review.


Select the “stock” button at the top.

Select robin as your broker.

You’ll be presented with a menu that lets the app pick an option.

Selecting the roberhood option lets you sell and buy robin at any price you like.

For instance, if you have $10,000 to buy stock, you can trade it for $1,000 and then buy it back at the lowest price.

Select a price range and then tap “buy.”

This will buy the stock at that price range, and robin will return your cash as a profit.


Select an “ask” option.

This lets you specify a price you want robin to buy and then set the margin you want.

For example, you might specify $10 and a margin of 2% to buy 1,000 shares at $5,000.

If you want $10 to buy one share at $10 per share, you could set the price at $3,500.

For the most part, robbs pricing works well.

You could buy an entire stock for $50,000, and the price would be $1.50 per share.


Select your broker’s contact information.

You might want to add a phone number and send them an email if they want to contact you to ask you to sign up for robin or other robin features.


Wait for robbyhood to sync up.

This is a slow process.

It takes around an hour or two.

The app can take several minutes to send you an order.

Once robin syncs, you should see an email alert.

The account is ready to trade!

Your order should be ready within minutes.

After you get your order, you need to review the transaction.

It looks like a regular order.

If there are any problems with the order, it’ll be cleared up.

At this point, you have a trade in your account.

You’re free to move on to the next step.

But there are some steps you need not do at this point.

If the order is not complete, you still need to approve the order before you can withdraw it.

You will need to sign off on the order to ensure that it gets approved.

If the order clears, you are ready to withdraw it and begin trading.

The order is now complete.

You need to move to the “close” button and check the status of your trade.

Your trade has been closed.

You should now be able to see your trade on your robin account.

What next?

You should be able use robin with any brokerage account you want, including, and

Now that you know how to trade, you want the next big step: trading stocks on in a robin brokerage account.

To do this, you will need the app.

You can get the app here: 1.

Select robbinhood on the robyhood app.

You are now in the robynood app.

Select ROBO hood to add it. 2, Choose “brokerage” from the menu.

Select stockbroking from the list of brokerage options.

3, Select rober hood to select.

Select stocks from the “stocks” tab.

4, Select the robenhood logo.


Tap the “start trading” button to open your robenood account.

6, Select your brokerage account and then the stock ticker.

7, Select “start trade” and click “OK.”

8. When your