The Cherokee Trading Post is trading at record high after posting record profit

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The Cheropankee Trading post is trading above $1,000 per share for the first time ever, as investors flock to the Omaha, Nebraska-based company to buy shares.

The Omaha-based Cheropanoan Trading post, which is the country’s largest trading post, has been selling off shares as its stock has been trading at a loss in recent weeks.

The company has seen a record profit of $2.25 million during the past six months, according to data from the company.

The Cheropas trading post posted its first profit in five years in March, according the company’s SEC filings.

The stock was trading at $1.40 a share before the earnings report, which was issued Monday.

It rose to $1 in the last 24 hours and has gained more than 50% since.