Google’s new stock market index tracker could be launched by December – FT

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By John Whitehead (Reuters) Google Inc’s new index-tracking system may be ready to launch in December, the company’s board has said.

The new index tracking system could be used to monitor stock prices as they move in a volatile market environment, the board of directors of Google Inc has said in a statement.

The index tracker would provide users with a daily snapshot of stock prices, along with historical data and market forecasts, the boards said.

Google has been experimenting with different ways of tracking its stock price, which has risen and fallen over the past year.

It introduced a system to track the value of the company in 2008, and has since tried to integrate some of the new technology with existing stock trading software.

In 2016, Google introduced its own trading platform for companies.

In 2017, the search giant launched its own stock market trading platform.

The Google-owned company has also been testing a new tool that it calls ‘ticker’ which tracks stock prices using data from the company website and other sources.

The ‘tickers’ feature is expected to launch by the end of this year, and Google will have about 3.5 million ‘ticks’ for the year, the statement said.

In addition to its stock market tracking system, Google will also be testing the new ‘Ticker’ feature.

Ticker is an option which lets investors track the price of shares in a company by creating a custom ticker and entering a unique keyword.