Why CSGO trading site is back in business

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CSGO betting sites have been shut down after trading firm Wona Trading was taken offline by authorities, according to reports.

A number of other betting sites, including one owned by the CSGO gambling community, have been seized and are believed to be closed down.

In a statement, Wona’s website said that its servers had been taken offline for several hours, and that they were now offline.

It said it was unable to provide any further information about the situation, which it said was being investigated by police.

It has since closed down the sites it runs, and it is unclear whether any of the site’s users have been affected.

Wona’s servers were taken offline after a report of suspicious activity was received, the company said.

It was not clear if the incident was related to Wona trading or gambling sites.

WannaTrade, a betting site which was one of the first betting sites to accept Bitcoin, was taken down on Thursday by authorities in NSW, NSW Police said.

Authorities in the state said they were investigating whether the company was being used for gambling purposes.

Earlier this week, WannaTrade announced that it was closing down, and announced that all of its employees would be banned from gambling.

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